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Why Movement Matters

Exercise is one of the greatest things anyone can do for their health, but for diabetics – the health benefits are even more significant than for most. Here are some top reasons to get you
motivated and moving!

Move More For Better Heart Health. Here’s Why!

#1 – It improves your insulin sensitivity.

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your body isn’t able to use insulin the way it needs to in order to allow glucose to enter your cells. Numerous studies have demonstrated that exercise has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity – particularly resistance training (i.e., lifting weights).

#2 – It can improve symptoms of neuropathy.

Many diabetics experience nerve damage that can cause pain and numbness. Studies have shown that regular exercise – even just a basic walking routine – can help reduce symptoms of neuropathy.

#3 – It can improve your bone strength.

Research tells us that people with diabetes are at greater risk for falls, particularly in those treated with insulin. Getting on an exercise program is a great way to build bone strength – particularly weightbearing activities such as yoga, racquet sports, strength training, brisk walking, or golf.

#4 – It reduces other cardiovascular risk factors.

Exercise is one of the greatest ways to reduce your blood pressure, cholesterol and stress – all of which are leading risk factors for heart disease. It can help raise your good cholesterol and improve your overall heart health.

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