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Take 5 With Emily Hostetter

Emily Hostetter joined WakeMed in April 2019 and while relatively new to the team, she has been welcomed with open arms to the unique culture and team spirit that comes with being part of the WakeMed family.

During her childhood growing up in Chapel Hill, both of Emily’s parents worked in health care, which fostered an interest in health and helping others. Here, Emily shares her background and some of her fall favorites with us.

Q: Can you describe your role and how you support WakeMed Heart & Vascular patients?

As business manager, I support our clinical staff and leaders so they can provide exceptional care to our patients and their families. While my role is non-clinical, I take comfort knowing the work I do allows our leaders and care teams to be more available for those who need them the most. As manager of the Heart Center Inn, I am focused on making the hotel the best respite it can be during a patient’s journey to healing by allowing guests to rest and recharge.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working in health care?

Working in health care is extremely rewarding and we have the privilege to help others during their most difficult times and also their most joyous times. My favorite thing is seeing the impact we have on our patients, their families, and our staff on a daily basis. No matter how small, we have the capability to touch someone’s life in a positive way every day and I know
we do not take that for granted at WakeMed.

Q: What do you find special about WakeMed?

What I love about WakeMed is our culture! It’s all about putting our patients and their families first, and it’s embedded in everything we do. I could feel the Wake Way as soon as I stepped onto our campus and that motivates me in my daily work.

Q: What is your favorite thing about North Carolina in the fall?

Fall in North Carolina is very special. I went to Appalachian State University for my undergraduate degree and I love going back to Boone and seeing the leaves change and breathing in that crisp mountain air – there’s not much that compares to this time of year in North Carolina.

Q: What are some of your favorite heart-healthy ways to enjoy pumpkin?

I love a quick and easy breakfast during the work week, so I enjoy making pumpkin muffins in the fall. I have a go-to recipe that is a good mixture of sweet and spicy for busy mornings. I also enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds mixed in with some dried fruit and nuts; it’s a perfect afternoon snack.

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