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What is living on that…?

Have you ever wondered what kind of germs or bacteria are living on that elevator button, office microwave or restaurant table?

Well, we have.  And we are pleased to announce that the WakeMed Pathology Department has agreed to grow and interpret samples taken from around our community.  But we want your help determining what to swab.

Let us know that you are curious about germy doorknobs, toys at childcare centers, equipment at the gym etc.  (Please be generic.  We don’t want to call-out any specific businesses or organizations.)

Then, we’ll pick seven things/locations to swab, and will report the results back to you.


14 thoughts to “What is living on that…?”

  1. Elevator buttons! After I read The Hot Zone, I was paranoid to touch anything and that was the one thing that freaked me out!

  2. I’d like to see what’s growing on shopping cart handles! I can’t stand it when sanitizing wipes aren’t available!

  3. Public restrooms – the handles on the sinks. I see many people who don’t wash hands after using public restrooms (like at stores or movie theaters) and I think it is because they think the sink is too dirty.

  4. The Pyxis keyboard in the ICU or ED?
    Our employee badge, specifically bedside nurses or techs?

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