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Olbin’s Journey: A Teenage Bariatric Surgery Story

Weight Loss Surgery for Teens: How A Comprehensive Program in Raleigh, North Carolina Helped an Overweight Adolescent Achieve Real Results

You just can’t do it on your own all the time.

That’s the lesson 19-year-old Olbin Andino Castro has come to learn through his weight loss journey. With the support of family, friends and his medical and surgical care teams, Olbin has shed more than 60 pounds since undergoing weight loss surgery in the summer of 2018.

Early Weight Gain & Health Concerns

Olbin started to gain weight in the second and third grade.

I was still active but around the fifth grade it started to become a real problem.

Olbin said it became a more frequent conversation at doctor’s appointments and the mile runs at school became more and more challenging, with Olbin typically finishing last. He developed pre-diabetes at one point and began to participate in group exercise programs to address what was becoming a dangerous chronic health problem.

Working with the WakeMed Weight Management Program

Eventually, Olbin was referred to the WakeMed Weight Management Program.  There, he met Dr. Samareh Hill and Dr. George Wadie, and that’s where things began to change.  Olbin spent a year in the weight management program, visiting regularly with Dr. Hill, the team of nutritionists and a psychologist, all with the goal of getting his mind and body on the road to better health.

I started to lose weight on my own and really thought I might be able to do it without any more help, but when the weight loss stopped I knew I needed a push.

That’s when he began to speak with the team’s dedicated adolescent bariatric surgeon, Dr. Wadie, about options for surgical intervention.  A plan was developed and after graduation from high school, Olbin underwent surgery.

The results have been amazing.

Even before surgery, with the help of the Weight Management team, Olbin began to see his weight go down.

A special diet is required prior to surgery and it really helped get my weight going in the right direction. Surgery was the last push I needed.

Success Towards Reaching His Goal Weight

Today, Olbin is getting closer and closer to his goal weight and credits Dr. Hill and Dr. Wadie for all of his success.

You can tell they actually care about their patients.  They are good at their jobs and I trusted them.

Part of that trust came from being open and honest.

I really learned that when you are speaking to the doctor, tell the truth, what’s actually going on.  You have to be honest about what you’re doing, what you are eating and your amount of exercise.  If you don’t, they can’t help you.

Ongoing Support Throughout Olbin’s Weight Loss Journey

In addition to his health care team, Olbin credits family and friends for their ongoing support.


There are a lot of people who helped me along the way and I want to make them proud.

“I’m certainly proud of Olbin,” said Dr. Wadie.  “He is a remarkable young man and he’s put a lot of work into this.

We can do wonders with surgery but it takes a commitment from patients and families to have truly positive results.  We are so excited for Olbin and what the future holds.  He has his whole life ahead of him.”

For Olbin, the future looks bright indeed.  He continues to lose weight as he manages a full schedule between college, work and getting to the gym a few days a week.  He hopes to graduate and pursue a career in graphic design or videography.

Learn About Pediatric Weight Management at WakeMed

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