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Running the Scrub Run Route

The following blog was contributed by Michael Gruman, attorney Yates McLamb Weyher, LLP, and an avid runner planning to participate in Saturday’s Scrub Run.

WakeMed Scrub Run event planners asked me to run the route and report back to help other participants prepare for Saturday’s race. I typically run five to eight miles about three times a week on a route that varies around downtown Raleigh and the Oakwood neighborhood. I was excited to explore new territory, so last night I set off to run the 10K route.

I began running around 7 pm and the weather was hot and a little humid, so I suspect my run was more difficult than what we will experience on Saturday morning with cooler temperatures. Overall, I would describe the route as moderate.

The first couple of miles are relatively flat with little in the way of hills. This is a good time to conserve some energy to tackle the more hilly terrain about two miles in when you hit Western Blvd. and the Boylan Heights neighborhood. Western Blvd. specifically has a pretty long, gradual hill that does require some endurance to climb.

After these hills, the hard part of the race is over. The run back into downtown toward Fayetteville Street is pretty flat. Once you reach Fayetteville Street heading toward the finish line there is actually a decline, so if you wanted to, you could make up some time to meet or beat your own personal time goal.

As an avid runner, I greatly enjoyed the scenery along this race route. You have the opportunity to see many different areas of Raleigh, and in my opinion, you take in so much more on foot than you can in a car.  The route allows you to explore downtown Raleigh, a section of Western Blvd. that borders Pullen Park, the historic Boylan Heights neighborhood and part of the N.C. State campus.

I look forward to running with you all on Saturday in support of the kids in our community and hope you all enjoy the route as much as I do.  If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time.  Click here.