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Spring Into Exercise Safely & Get a Free Physical Therapy Screen

As temperatures rise, so does the impulse to get outside and exercise. As a result, spring is the time of year when orthopaedists see more patients. Here are some tips to help avoid getting sidelined as warm weather begins:

Stretching: Your muscles, bones and joints may not be ready to take on the increased stress of outdoor exercise. Warm up by taking a short walk or jog and then do slow, easy stretches.

Moderation: It is best to gradually work your way back into a warm weather routine. For instance, don’t immediately take off on a five-mile run. You can avoid exercise-related injury by starting with a reasonable distance, pace and time. Whatever your activity, make sure to gradually ramp up to that tournament, 5K or half marathon over time.

Listen to Your Body: Your body speaks volumes with every twinge. If addressed early, many problems can be easily corrected through focused exercise programs directed by a physical therapist. Ignoring symptoms and pain may possibly lead to more significant long-term injuries or cause injuries to other parts of the body.

So go ahead, dust off your athletic shoes, but remember to start slowly and see a specialist at the first sign of a problem.

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