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Meet Our Newest Robots

WakeMed North Hospital is leading the way in minimally-invasive, robotic surgical techniques with the adoption of two new, highly-advanced robots. Meet our latest surgical robots – all operated by some of the most talented, board-certified surgeons in the Triangle.

Meet the Mazor X Stealth Edition

At WakeMed North Hospital, the Mazor X Stealth is used exclusively for spine surgeries. It allows our talented spine surgeons to combine their expertise with advanced software, robotic technology, navigation and instrumentation for the best precision. Prior to surgery, the Mazor X allows surgeons to plan their surgical strategy using X-ray images of your unique anatomy.

During surgery, the device’s navigated robotic guidance and 3D imaging helps the surgeon precisely place the implants into your spine. When compared to traditional surgery, patients enjoy better outcomes, less pain and faster recovery.

Procedures Performed

Robotic spine surgery enhances surgical care for a wide variety of spinal conditions including:

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Herniated Discs
  • Degenerative Disorders
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Compression Fractures

Cary Hospital Surgeons Using Mazor X Stealth:

Meet the da Vinci XI Surgical System

Our most nimble robot, the da Vinci XI, moved into the WakeMed North Hospital Surgical Services.

Since joining our OR team, the robot has been very busy working for more than a dozen surgeons including urologists, gynecologists, bariatric, colorectal and general surgeons to aid in making surgery more precise, with smaller incisions.

The da Vinci XI has a unique 3D-HD vision system providing a magnified view, making it easier for surgeons to see the tiniest of details.  The robot’s small, thin arms and instruments help give surgeons greater operative reach.  All resulting in the patient having smaller scars and a quicker, smoother recovery process.

WakeMed North Hospital surgeons use the da Vinci XI for prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, colon resections, hiatal hernia and bariatric surgeries.