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WakeMed All Access App

WakeMed is now releasing a new app on both the Apple app store and the Google Play store called WakeMed All Access. The app includes a large number of features that will be of use to anyone thinking about their medical needs.

Wayfinding at Your Fingertips

One of the numerous features that is particularly interesting and innovative is a hospital wayfinder. Half of the wayfinder will allow you to search for and navigate to any of WakeMed’s many care centers around the area. The wayfinder will also help you navigate inside of the three major WakeMed hospital locations to any part of the hospitals – even parking locations!

Using the app, choose your destination hospital or department and navigate to the hospital and parking area. There, you save your parking spot location to return at a later time and proceed with your navigation. Get easy to use step-by-step directions through the hallways of the hospital until your destination, and then anywhere else you may need to go as well. Popular areas include: the cafeteria, restroom, cafe, and gift shop for example. When you’re done, use our wayfinding app to help you get directions straight back to your car.

Find Your Way Easily, Stress-Free

If you are a mother seeking maternity, use our App to search “maternity,” and the wayfinder will show the various centers between all locations and allow you to navigate straight to the one you choose. Regardless of your reason for going to the hospital, get peace of mind knowing that you can search for the type of care you need and be led directly where you need to go.

Download the WakeMed All Access App from Apple.

Download the WakeMed All Access App from Google Play.