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Breathe Easier with Pulmonary Rehab & Cardiopulmonary Therapy

WakeMed Pulmonary Rehab & Cardiopulmonary Therapy is designed to help people with breathing problems for ANY reason get back to the independence and daily activities they enjoy.

Pulmonary rehab is available for patients with a qualifying COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) diagnosis; cardiopulmonary therapy is available to patients who are having breathing problems for ANY medical reason, such as  emphysema, lung cancer, sarcoidosis, heart and vascular issues, stroke or pulmonary fibrosis.

Patients who can benefit from therapy before or after a surgical procedure of any kind or who need to rebuild their breathing endurance for any medical reason are welcome to the WakeMed program.

Helping Patients Live Independently

The goal of cardiopulmonary therapy is to help participants be more independent and active without getting short of breath.  Many participants enjoy losing a little weight too!  WakeMed Cardiopulmonary Therapy includes:

  • Closely monitored exercise
  • Breathing exercises & strategies
  • Nutritional information
  • Tips on saving your energy to do the things you want to do
  • Educational sessions to help you understand and manage your health

The group meets 5 days a week for 4 weeks – 3 hours a day.  The program is led by a specially trained physical therapist and a team of respiratory therapists and clinical aides.  They will design a plan that meets your specific abilities and goals.

Contact Us Today

Are you ready to learn more?  Call 919-350-6386.  The program is available by physician referral.  Physicians are welcome to call 919-350-8786 and fax referrals to 919-350-7468.