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Winter Slips & Falls? We’ve Got You Covered

During the winter, it is not uncommon for us to see an increase in the number of slips, trips and falls due to inclement weather. The following are some quick tips to help you avoid injury when winter weather strikes.

  1. Wear shoes that have decent traction on the bottom.
  2. Keep walkways clear of snow/ice/debris.
  3. Avoid going outside if you don’t have to.
  4. Watch where you’re walking.
  5. Take it slow.
  6. Remove shoes when entering your home (prevents melted ice from causing slippery surfaces).
  7. Avoid walking with your hands in your pockets or too many items in your arms.
  8. Avoid walking or running on uneven surfaces.
  9. Use handrails when/if available – especially when walking up or down steps and curbs.
  10. Take care when entering and exiting vehicles.


Wake Orthopaedics Urgent Care

Experience a bad fall? Concerns over how serious your injury may be? Wake Orthopaedics Urgent Care is located on the WakeMed North Hospital campus in the Physician’s Office Pavilion at the corner of Falls of Neuse and Durant Roads.

10010 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 010
Raleigh, NC  27614
833-678-4682 (833- ORTHOUC)

Hours:  8 am to 9 pm weekdays; 9 am to 1 pm weekends and holidays

Online appointment requests and more information about orthopedic urgent care, the five convenient WakeOrtho office locations and the WakeOrtho injury prevention program are available at