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My WakeMed Experience – Donald Johnson

On Sunday March 19th, 2017, I had an automobile accident. A car ran through a stop sign and I hit them.

I had a cracked sternum and three cracked ribs. I had both legs from the knees down to my feet injured during the crash. Being diabetic, my wife and I were concerned due to the seriousness of the wounds.

We were afraid, without proper care, there was a possibility that I might lose both legs.

During my week-long stay at the WakeMed, I had to have my wounds cared for. That is when I met Christina Young, who was in charge of dressing my wounds. At the end of my five day stay, I was given the opportunity to continue with the wound care therapist or to have care done at home.

After expressing our concern of my diabetic condition, we were assured that we could continue at the WakeMed Outpatient Wound Care program. Ms. Young stated that if we did not mind the drive from Holly Springs to Raleigh, we could continue our treatment at WakeMed.

For four months, we went to the wound center twice a week. We received, from the staff, a dedicated effort, which assured us that things were progressing wonderfully.

At each visit, I was carefully wrapped by the staff. Upon my release, my wife was given instructions on the proper way in which to wrap the remaining wound.

After being cared for by my wife, the last wound healed one day before the 5th month ended after my accident. I visited the Wound Center the next day to show them that my injuries were healed. The WakeMed staff were still concerned about my health and gave me instructions about what I should be wearing to support my legs.

This experience has reaffirmed my faith in how people you do not know can be concerned about the feelings of people they are caring for during their time of pain and suffering.

I would assure others that if they had to make a decision, as I did, not to be concerned about the care they would receive.

-Don Johnson


About Donald “Don” Johnson

Don Johnson lives in Holly Springs, NC. He is married with three children and ten grandchildren.

In his spare time, Don enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys canning tomatoes, fishing and watching Westerns.

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