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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween offers lots of spooky fun, but it also brings potential safety hazards. Here are some tips to prevent a real scare, and keep trick-or-treaters safe every step of the way.


#1 – Choose kid-friendly pumpkin decor.

Decorate pumpkins with kid-friendly art supplies — markers, glitter glue or paint — and leave the pumpkin carving to an adult.

#2 – Choose the right fit.

Costumes should be short, snug and flame-resistant. Baggy sleeves, billowy capes and big shoes can cause trips and falls.

#3 – Choose face paint & makeup carefully.

Use non-toxic face paint or makeup instead of a mask.

#4 – Choose face masks carefully.

If a mask is a must, make sure it does not obstruct vision.

#5 – Make your kids more visible.

Attach reflective tape or stickers to kids’ costumes, and make sure they have a flashlight or glow stick.

#6 – Never trick-or-treat solo.

Go trick-or-treating in an adult-supervised group.

#7 – Be extra careful if driving.

Slow down and be alert during popular trick-or-treating hours, 5:30 to 9:30 pm.

#8 – Keep things clutter-free.

vampireKeep front porches and walkways well-lit and clutter-free.

#9 – Go through your candy before your kids do.

Inspect treats before they are eaten. Pick only wrapped candy when trick-or-treating and read labels carefully.

#10 – Opt for healthier snacks.

Don’t forget that a treat does not have to mean sweet. Offer healthier snacks as well as safe, non-food treats for children with food allergies.

Emergency Services for Children

In the event that your Halloween turns out to be a little scarier than you’d predicted, WakeMed offers high quality emergency care for kids. Learn more about our Children’s Emergency Department, or locate an emergency department near you.