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Five Tips for Healthy Summer Legs

Legs take center stage in the summer when we tend to show more skin and get out and be more active.

This summer, make sure your legs are healthy and in good shape with the following tips from our expert physicians right here in Apex/Cary. Our team can help get you moving or address any unexplained leg pain to keep you healthy and active this summer.

5 Tips for Healthier Legs This Summer

#1 – Get walking.

A good, brisk walk is a great way to get moving and can help tone your lower body. If you suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), brisk walking can help rebuild your joints, strengthen your legs and help you lose weight – all of which can help alleviate pressure and improve symptoms of OA. To beat the summer heat, try walking early in the morning or with a friend after sundown.

#2 – Ready, set, swim!

Summer is a great time to transition from running to swimming – not only can it help you beat the heat, it’s a great way to take pressure off your knees and strengthen your legs.  Swimming can help keep the cartilage in your knees healthy and can also provide a great cardiovascular workout that is low impact and easier on your muscles, too.


#3 – Stretch it Out.

Since summer tends to be a more active time of year, stretching is more important than ever over the next few months. You can improve your flexibility and reduce your risk of injury by starting your day with some simple stretches. If yoga is appealing to you, this is a great way to build leg strength and stretch your joints and ligaments – not to mention rejuvenating your mind.

#4 – Don’t Overdo it.

Listen to your body and ease into the summer fun! If you spend five hours gardening or playing with the kids at the park, you probably don’t need to overdo it with a comprehensive workout.  Similarly, if you decide to start a new summer exercise regimen, it’s build up gradually, adding a few minutes or new elements each day to give your body time to acclimate.

#5 – Don’t Ignore Leg Pain!

If you have unexplained or recurrent leg pain, it’s really important to talk to a physician.

Unexplained leg pain could be caused by a variety of health problems including vascular disease, peripheral artery disease, overuse injuries or even a blood clot.


*Apex physicians Dr. Ragini Madan (Family Medicine) and Dr. Hemant Solomon (Heart & Vascular) both contributed to this article.

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