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The Positive Impact of Friendly Conversation

Compassion has always been a hallmark of WakeMed nursing. It’s a true calling to care that makes a nurse successful at WakeMed and with his or her patients. But keeping that compassion at the forefront has become increasingly difficult for nurses. While they can and do improve clinical outcomes and help keep patients safe, new technology and regulations that constantly change can pull nurses away from the bedside.

Taking Time with Patients

WakeMed’s clinical nurses – the nurses who are directly involved in caring for patients – recognize the importance of literally sitting with each patient – even if it is just for five minutes – to talk about work, school, family – anything but the clinical experience. A group of clinical nurses at WakeMed actually created the Take 5 program to ensure WakeMed nurses have the opportunity to visit with their patients on a non-clinical level to keep that spirit of compassion alive.

Improving the Patient Experience

The moments that our nurses spend engaging with patients on a personal level are often as important to the nurses as they are to their patients.  Nurses have the opportunity to show their patients that they truly care for them and their overall well-being.  In turn, patients feel more comfortable with their nurses, which improves the patient experience.

It’s comforting to know that the spirit of compassion is most definitely alive and well at WakeMed.

I remember just how significant our profession is and how very fortunate I am to be a nurse.

I wish we could have this type of insight with each of our patients.

She is the reason why nursing is much more than just a job.

Together we helped my patient meet her goal of being with her son on his 13th birthday.

The smile on my patient’s face as we talked made me feel good inside.

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