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Healthy & Economical Half Time Snacks

Weekends in the fall mean soccer games for many families in our area. When it’s your turn to bring snacks for the team, it can be tough to decide which options are the best and healthiest. Here are a few tips to help you find tasty and healthy snacks the whole team can enjoy.

Snack & Drink Suggestion
Fruit and water are always the best snack choices for kids on the move. Try these popular options:

  • Orange & apple wedges
  • Fresh peaches, pears, watermelon or other seasonal fruit
  • Dried fruit and raisins
  • Bananas. grapes & strawberries
  • Fruit cups (packed in juice) or sugar-free applesauce
  • Ice cold water – no need for sugar packed sport drinks

Grab & Go – The Price is Right
Not only is grabbing fresh fruit and water fast and easy, it’s cost effective too.

Check out this price comparison for a team of 12.

Half Time Snack
Fresh bananas/oranges/apples – $3 to $4 a bag
16 oz. natural spring water bottles (15 pack) – $3.29
Total = $7.29

Typical Snack
Mini bags of cookies (12 pack) – $4
Two boxes of 7 oz. Capri Sun drink pouches (10 packs in each) – $6.25
Total = 1O.25

Want to share this information with your whole team? Print this handy dandy flier.