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A Special Thank You from Hilltop Home

When an April storm damaged Hilltop Home, a private, nonprofit intermediate care facility located near the Raleigh Campus, 19 children with severe/profound developmental disabilities and medical fragility had to be evacuated immediately. WakeMed leadership and employees quickly sprang into action and created a temporary shelter in the Health Park gym. Ranging in age from 5 to 15, the children spent three days in the gym, which was equipped with cribs, beds and the medical supplies and equipment needed to care for the young patients.

As a token of appreciation, Hillltop Home caregivers worked with the children to make a unique piece of artwork and presented it to WakeMed. Each of the hearts was handmade and many of them represent the children’s personalities – music notes reflect one child’s love for music, and shiny moon shapes were placed by another who has difficulty falling asleep.

The artwork will soon be hung in a public place to celebrate and recognize the WakeMed employees who went above and beyond to make certain the children and caregivers were well cared for during their stay.

Kate Griesmann of WakeMed Public Relations provided the content and photo for this post.