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30 Ways to Beat the Heat

The most recent issue of Families First, which is hot off the presses, included creative activities for kids (and parents/sitters) looking for some indoor fun during the dog days of summer.  In no particular order, here are 30 ways to beat the heat.

  1. Have an indoor picnic
  2. Enjoy story time at the library
  3. Jump at a bounce house
  4. Create a backyard water park
  5. Visit a children’s museum (good local options include Marbles or the Museum of Life and Science)
  6. Play at an indoor playground
  7. Go ice skating
  8. See a movie
  9. Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  10. Put on a puppet show
  11. Make a music playlist (or just dance around to the children’s channel on Pandora)
  12. Go to the roller skating rink
  13. Learn magic tricks
  14. Bake cookies and deliver them to a fire station
  15. Plan an at home spa day
  16. Make popsicles
  17. Make a macaroni necklace
  18. Splash at the community pool
  19. Take a cooking class
  20. Make a collage
  21. Act out a favorite book
  22. Re-decorate/arrange bedroom
  23. Play board games
  24. Decorate a t-shirt
  25. Write letters to loved ones
  26. Turn up the music and have a dance party
  27. Visit a water park
  28. Work on puzzles
  29. Head to the mountains, or the beach or the lake
  30. Rent a paddle boat

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