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Mealtime Makeovers

Caroline Youngblood is manager in public relations and editor of Heart to Heart, WakeMed Heart Center’s magazine.

WakeMed Heart to Heart is starting a new feature — Mealtime Makeovers. Here is what we have in mind and how you can help make it great!

Family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without Great Grandma’s cheesy potato casserole or Aunt Martha’s triple-layer fudge cake. Food is as much a part of family traditions as trimming the tree or the morning hunt for Easter baskets.

But those family food favorites are often steeped in more than tradition. Many are laden with fat and calories that expand your waistline and your risk of developing heart disease.

In Mealtime Makeovers, we ask you, our readers, to send us your favorite recipes that need a heart-healthy kick. Working closely with WakeMed dietitians, we will refine your recipe so it’s still high on taste but lower in calories, salt, sugar and unhealthy fats.

Let Heart to Heart help you take some of the guilt out of your family’s favorite recipes. We will publish recipes in upcoming issues of Heart to Heart and post them on the WakeMed website, so everyone can enjoy your family favorites.

Send your favorite recipes to me via email