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March Madness Vasectomy Anyone?

Dr. Robert Matthews

With the NCAA Tournament scheduled to begin on Thursday, you can expect to find lots of men perched in front on their television sets watching basketball.  Dr. Robert Matthews, a urologist with WakeMed Faculty Physicians, explains why that may be a good time to schedule a vasectomy.

Imagine the opportunity to sit at home and watch non-stop college basketball for three or four straight days – with the full support and blessing of your wife.

For many men along Tobacco Road, it sounds like a dream come true.  And that’s exactly why it might be a perfect time to schedule a vasectomy.

There is a growing national trend for men to schedule a vasectomy in conjunction with the start of the NCAA Tournament.  Because a vasectomy requires men to stay off their feet for three days, the opportunity to watch 48 college basketball games in a four-day span is pretty appealing.

The family gets an effective form of birth control and the husband gets a free pass to watch sports all day.  You’ll still feel uncomfortable for a few days, but you will have plenty of basketball to keep you entertained.

Just one word of warning: If you are the type of fan who can’t resist jumping up and down with every errant pass or buzzer-beating shot, you might want to schedule your vasectomy during your favorite golf tournament instead. And, we will not do one side this year and one side next year in an effort to get 2 years of uninterrupted NCAAs.