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An Insurance Option for Those with Medical Conditions

Yesterday, Inclusive Health hosted an event in the Andrew’s Center on WakeMed’s Raleigh Campus to enroll North Carolina residents who have had trouble securing a health insurance policy due to pre-existing medical conditions. 

At the event Judy Dixon, an Inclusive Health Enrollee, shared her story.

Judy has been covered by three different health insurance organizations this year alone. Several years ago, Judy explained that she was at the top of her game in her career with a local newspaper. She began struggling with various health issues such as asthma, spinal degeneration and sleep apnea. After several years of dealing with short-term disability, exhausting her sick days and vacation time, and growing medical challenges, Judy ended her employment. She then faced the challenge of securing health insurance independent of her job.

When her COBRA plan ran out, she transferred to her husband’s insurance plan. When her husband retired, she transferred to his COBRA plan. When his COBRA plan expired, she turned to a private insurer but was rejected after only a seven-minute interview on the basis of pre-existing conditions. Then, she turned to Inclusive Health.

If your story is similar to Judy’s and you missed the enrollment event, don’t worry.  Learn more about Inclusive Health and see if you qualify by visiting their web site or viewing a WRAL story on yesterday’s event. This program is another great example of the opportunities available in our community that make health care affordable.