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Shopping Cart Safety

WakeMed’s Trauma Program Director, Sylvia Scholl, shares great tips with parents for ensuring that your shopping trips are safe.

Top 5 ways to avoid shopping-cart injuries:

  • Never leave your child unattended in a shopping cart and stay close to the cart at all times.
  • If you are placing your child in the shopping cart seat, always use a harness or the safety belt provided to restrain your child. If you see a shopping cart with a missing or broken seat belt, select another shopping cart with a working seat belt, and tell the store manager so a replacement can be installed.
  • Never place your own infant carrier on top of a shopping cart. Use the infant seats, provided by the store, which are permanently attached to the cart.
  • Do not let your child ride in the cart basket, under the basket, on the sides or front of the cart.
  • Use the shopping carts that have a wheeled child carrier that is permanently attached and made part of the shopping cart. Some of these models look like cars or benches attached to the shopping cart.