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Smoke Free NC

Wayne Worden, MS, RRT, RCP has been a licensed respiratory care practitioner for 16 years and is director of respiratory care WakeMed Raleigh Campus.

Smoking Ban in NC Restaurants

Saturday marks the first day of a restaurant smoking ban in North Carolina.  This is remarkable because these restaurants and bars are some of the last businesses to ban smoking.

Originally from New York, I saw the impact of a restaurant smoking ban when that state implemented a similar law several years ago, and I appreciated the big improvement this seemingly small change made for nonsmokers and for the health of the community.  The ban made dining out much more pleasurable for non-smokers and greatly reduced diners’ exposure to second-hand smoke.

The Negative Impact of Smoking

As a respiratory therapist, I see the effects of smoking and second-hand smoke in our patients every day.  Both smoking and second-hand smoke are dangerous and negatively impact many disease processes.  Smoking is a known risk factor for most major diseases including heart disease, stroke and cancer. And, second-hand smoke is proven to cause lung cancer, heart disease and lower respiratory tract infections in young children.

This weekend’s new non-smoking ban is a great step toward a healthier North Carolina.


One thought to “Smoke Free NC”

  1. Sorry, but this is too far! What happened to freedom? If an owner wants to make his establishement smoke free he/she can do that! But for the gov. to take the right of the owners away is TOO FAR!
    By the way, driving a car is “known” to kill people! Are we going to stop cars from driving on the raod?

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