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Why I Give: Brian Reid

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation’s Community Campaign offers an opportunity to support hospital programs and services. We sat down with Brian Reid, president of TowneBank Triangle, and longtime supporter of WakeMed to talk about why supporting WakeMed matters to him.

Serving Others, Enriching Lives

One of the core principles of TowneBank is serving others and enriching lives. By philanthropically giving to WakeMed, we can support them to further the good. At WakeMed, the leadership is outstanding. There is an others focus and a service mentality.

I see WakeMed as our community hospital. I’m thankful for the work that they do to impact our community. At TowneBank, we’re honored to serve the Foundation and to support the hospital’s mission.

Every time I meet with the WakeMed Community Campaign, I learn something new about the hospital’s amazing initiatives. Across the board, WakeMed goes deeper and broader, they are dedicated to helping families have a better experience through the entire healthcare process.

Happy Experiences

On a personal level, we had 3 of our 5 children at WakeMed. I’ve had procedures there. I’ve been involved with the Cary community for many years through various organizations and boards, and WakeMed was often a part of the same events and efforts. On a professional level, Bob Hatley, founding CEO of Paragon Bank (now merged with TowneBank), had been on the WakeMed Board of Directors. I became very familiar with the hospital on both personal and corporate levels.

Any time you have family experiences, such as births, the place becomes emotional. I’ve always had very happy experiences at WakeMed. WakeMed has become part of our family.

About Brian Reid

Brian Reid, President of TowneBank Triangle

Brian Reid is the president of TowneBank Triangle, where he focuses on developing new relationships with commercial members. Passionate about community-building, Brian has been involved with WakeMed since 2019. He participates in the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign, where he works closely with fellow volunteers and Foundation staff to learn about WakeMed’s work and educate the community at large. Under Brian’s leadership, TowneBank is also a generous supporter of the WakeMed Foundation.

What is the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign?

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign offers an opportunity for the community — for you — to support hospital programs and services. Foundation board members and volunteers raise donations and sponsorships of every amount from existing and new donors. One hundred percent of donated dollars go directly to fund programs and services to support patient care in all areas of the hospital. Creating healing environments. Providing innovative programs. Investing in skilled and compassionate caregivers. Supporting the urgent needs of our patients and families. Donations make it all possible. Your gift truly helps save and transform lives. Make a gift now.