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Why I Give: Creighton Blackwell

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation’s Community Campaign offers an opportunity to support hospital programs and services. We sat down with Creighton Blackwell, member of the WakeMed Board of Directors and Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Community Engagement at Coastal Credit Union, to talk about why serving WakeMed matters to him.

I’ve lived in the Triangle area for most of my adult life, and by simply being in this community I know about the great things that WakeMed does. I have consistently heard stories of triumph and a higher degree of care at WakeMed. At Coastal Credit Union, we pride ourselves on true service to our community and service to our members — and that means we find partners who feel the same and who do the same. The Wake Way stands out.

Treating the Whole Person

At Coastal Credit Union, the people we serve don’t just have financial issues, they have a whole life. That’s why we support whole partners like WakeMed. We share a desire to not just treat but to serve the entire person.

The Wake Way speaks to financial health, too. At WakeMed, there’s consideration for systemic causes for various health issues, such as how those issues might be linked to household income or to learned lifestyle habits. WakeMed really digs into those things. It’s not just, how do we treat the symptoms, it’s how can we be a part of the solution to root causes across our community?

Community Building

Caring both within and beyond WakeMed’s walls is an investment in the next generation. At Coastal, we talk a lot about living better: bank better to live better. WakeMed is a crucial partner in that holistic vision. Working together to present people solutions and options regardless of where they are in their journey of life — to me, that’s community building. That’s real leadership at the highest of levels.

Employee Assistance Fund

During COVID-19, WakeMed staff are being asked to be the greatest of professionals and to help serve others, but they’re also dealing with life themselves. Those lives might include monetary and childcare concerns. We can support our community even more by supporting these employees, which is why Coastal Credit Union recently made a major gift to the WakeMed Employee Emergency Fund. This gift is a way to serve each other and our community better.

The more support WakeMed has, the more lives that can be saved. It’s an easy, direct connection.

Join Our Community of Donors!

Please consider joining our community of donors who are helping the WakeMed Foundation make a difference for our patients and families. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact on our community and those we serve. To learn more or to make a gift, visit us at or call 919-350-7656.

About Creighton Blackwell

Creighton Blackwell is Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Community Engagement at Coastal Credit Union. He has been involved with WakeMed for about five years in various volunteer roles. As a current member of the Board of Directors, Creighton provides strategic and fundraising support for the hospital’s internal and external work.

What is the Community Campaign?

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign offers an opportunity for the community — for you — to support hospital programs and services. Foundation board members and volunteers raise donations and sponsorships of every amount from existing and new donors.

One hundred percent of donated dollars go directly to fund programs and services to support patient care in all areas of the hospital. Creating healing environments.

Providing innovative programs. Investing in skilled and compassionate caregivers. Supporting the urgent needs of our patients and families. Donations make it all possible. Your gift truly helps save and transform lives. Make a gift now.