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Why I Choose WakeMed: Lyn Foley

Comfort. Compassion. Care.

These describe standards of treatment we might all want, whether in a health care environment or not. When Lyn Foley suffered an unexpected accident and a broken right hip, it was inconvenient and scary — nobody wants to go out to dinner with family and end up in the hospital. But her WakeMed experience was a relief.

“The staff at WakeMed were so caring and comforting that I was right at ease,” Foley says. “I couldn’t get over the remarkable, caring, professional and compassionate personnel.”

Creating a Home Away from Home

Foley lives in Florida and was visiting family in Raleigh, which added to the anxiety of her accident. “I was scared to death,” she says. She was rushed to WakeMed Raleigh Campus and then the WakeMed Rehab Center, where her nurses were present and focused. “I felt like the only patient on the floor.” When she had to stay overnight, the WakeMed team made her feel right at home.

“They kept checking in to make sure I was OK, letting me know I was on their mind,” she says of the nurses and doctors charged with her care. And it wasn’t all business — in a good way. “My nurses and I talked about many things, not just the accident,” Foley recalls. “We talked about family. I felt like I could open up and talk about anything to some of them. It’s good to have somebody to talk to when you’re in a situation like that.”

Patient Care Beyond Hospital Doors

The Wake Way even followed Foley back home to Florida, when her doctors went above and beyond to transfer all of Foley’s records and necessary paperwork to her primary care doctors at home. “They helped with the transition and kept everything very organized. It was so great.”

Now back in good health, Foley is planning a move to North Carolina to be closer to the family she was visiting when she had the accident. She looks forward to returning to WakeMed for future medical needs.

“I would recommend WakeMed to anybody for long-term care,” she says. “Especially when you’re older, you can get scared. You have this feeling, when something happens, that it’s going to be all downhill. The team at WakeMed boosts your spirits up. You know it’s not the end of the ball game, that you’re still going to be a hitter, and they push you to get well. They really put it into you that you are going to get well and you are going to move on and this is going to be behind you.”

With her own health scare behind her, Foley wants to spread the encouragement. “Everybody at WakeMed was very positive, there was no negativity at all.”

About WakeMed Rehab

WakeMed Rehabilitation is a leading provider of inpatient and outpatient physical rehabilitation services in the Southeastern United States.

WakeMed is Always Safe. Forever Here.

As always, WakeMed is focused on providing safe, high-quality, compassionate care to each and every patient we serve. As a health system, it is our responsibility to do everything possible to keep our patients, our staff and our community healthy. During these unprecedented times, WakeMed is committed to caring for our community as we have for so many years — we’re always safe and forever here.

WakeMed stands ready to provide you and your family with the expert care and services you need in the safest environment. As healthcare providers, we are here to comfort, reassure and deliver the care and caring that lead to healing — because patients and families are at the heart of everything that we do.

Always Safe and Forever Here at WakeMed means creating a safe and clean place for you, offering virtual visits, screening all patients, visitors and staff members, practicing social distancing, low to no-touch environments, financial assistance, visitation policies and the right personal protective equipment for all.

To learn more about how WakeMed is Always Safe and Forever Here, please view our commitment to quality and safety.