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Why I Give: Marco Rodriguez

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation’s Community Campaign offers an opportunity to support hospital programs and services. We sat down with Marco Rodriguez, a local leader and Foundation supporter, to talk about why he gives back to the people and places that make this community great.

I’m originally from Venezuela. I lived in Oklahoma for 13 years and have been in Raleigh for three years. I recently became a U.S. citizen and, as an active citizen, I want to be part of the solutions for our community. WakeMed is such an important asset for the community. That’s why I’m giving back as a Community Campaign volunteer. Not only am I an ambassador for the campaign, I’m an ambassador for WakeMed. I want to share the good news and the hard work that takes place at WakeMed every day.

‘Commitment to Community’

I’m impressed that WakeMed’s facilities are true community hospitals. Since opening its doors nearly 60 years ago, its mission of caring for all – patients who depend on WakeMed, regardless of ability to pay – has never wavered.

The WakeMed team is so attentive and so service-oriented toward any patient that comes through its doors. WakeMed is here to enhance care, improve access and make a positive impact – WakeMed is a solution for our community’s health. With such great facilities, innovative programs and a dedicated team of mission-driven staff, I don’t think many people realize that there are also amazing programs and services that depend on donated dollars.

Motivated by Stories

As a volunteer, I want to share this good work with as many people as I can and encourage others to financially support WakeMed’s innovative programs. I want to be part of securing the future of WakeMed. Whenever I go to WakeMed, I meet patients and hear their stories. That’s what gets me going and that’s what gives me a reason to fundraise.

It comes down to this: If we want a better country, we start with our state. If we want a better state, we start with our city. If we want a better city, we start with our community. Through healthcare and through WakeMed, we can serve our state, we can serve our nation and, most importantly, we can improve our communities by keeping each individual healthy. As a U.S. citizen, I want to do that.

About Marco Rodriguez

Marco Rodriguez is the Director of Volunteer Engagement at the Food Bank of Central and Eastern N.C. Although he’s dedicated his career to nonprofit work, he still chooses to give his time and talent back to the community through volunteering.

A volunteer for the 2019 WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign, Marco is engaging support and raising funds for WakeMed to continue to fulfill its mission and champion a healthier community. He attends monthly meetings with other Campaign volunteers to hear impact stories and learn about WakeMed.

What is the Community Campaign?

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation Community Campaign offers an opportunity for the community — for you — to support hospital programs and services. Foundation board members and volunteers raise donations and sponsorships of every amount from existing and new donors.

One hundred percent of donated dollars go directly to fund programs and services to support patient care in all areas of the hospital. Creating healing environments.

  • Providing innovative programs
  • Investing in skilled and compassionate caregivers
  • Supporting the urgent needs of our patients and families

Donations make it all possible. Your gift truly helps save and transform lives. Make a gift now.