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Build a Healthy Easter Basket

Easter is on its way, but you can avoid a sugar overload by filling your kids’ Easter baskets with plenty of non-sweet treats. From baby to big kid, we’ve rounded up fun finds for children of all ages. Here are a few ideas:

Time for an Egg Hunt!

If you’re hosting an egg hunt, consider filling eggs with these treats. (Be mindful of choking hazards for younger children.)

  • Coins
  • Tattoos and stickers
  • Small farm animal toys
  • Erasers
  • Bunny crackers
  • Puzzle pieces
    • At the end, everyone can join their pieces together for one puzzle.
  • Letters (scrapbook paper or alphabet magnets)
    • Have kids put the whole alphabet together at the end of the hunt. For older kids, write an Easter message and have them piece it together.

If there are really young children, consider a hunt with youngest children hunting first. Hide eggs with numbers written on them and then have kids turn in their eggs for prizes at the end.

For example, #1 could be a small rubber duck, #2 could be tiny bubbles, etc. Or include a small picture of bigger items, such as pencils or jump ropes, and have kids turn in their picture to redeem their prize.


Fun,Themed Baskets

  • Art – paints, crayons, coloring notebooks, sidewalk chalk, craft kits
  • Sports – Frisbee, balls, paddle games, jump ropes, kite, pedometer
  • Beach or Sand Box – Sunglasses, sand pails, shovels, measuring cups, sifters, funnels, sunscreen
  • Gardening – Vegetable and flower seeds (carrots might be fun!), gardening gloves, watering can, small shovel, plastic pot and soil
  • Outdoor Explorer – bug containers, nets, boots, explorer hats and vests, kids’ binoculars
  • Superhero – Capes, kids’ comics and movies, action figures
  • Dress Up – Jewelry, shoes, clothing, silly hats
  • Game Time – Games and puzzles, trail mix or other healthy snacks for family game

More Easter Basket Fillers

  • Playdough
  • Bubbles
  • Flash light
  • Stickers or stamps
  • Colored pencils and stationery
  • Bath toys
  • Water bottles
  • Flash cards or playing cards
  • Hair or jewelry accessories
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Gift cards (iTunes, movies, book store)

*Information courtesy of Advocates for Health in Action, an organization dedicated to fostering and supporting community efforts to make healthy eating and physical activity the way of life in Wake County.