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Benefits of Exercise

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, own a gym membership or workout at home, or plan to only use the clothes you are wearing, don’t let excuses get in your way.  Exercising daily offers a wide range of health benefits, most of which happen inside the body.

You don’t have to go at it alone either, grab a friend, a pair of shoes and get moving to take control of your health!

Some of the benefits include:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased caloric expenditure
  • Disease prevention and management
  • Stress reduction and mental fitness
  • Increased energy levels

About WakeMed Corporate & Community Health

The Corporate and Community Health division of WakeMed provides worksite wellness and health promotion services to numerous corporate and community clients throughout Wake County. The department is made up of a multi-disciplinary team who perform preventative health screenings, education and coaching upon request. The department assists thousands of people each year on their wellness journey.