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Make Time for Reading: Tips for Families

WakeMed physician Practices – Pediatrics places a lot of emphasis on the importance of reading. They have an area for reading in the waiting room and encourage children to take a book home each time they visit.

We give out books at every well-child check from 6 months through 5 years old as a part of the Reach out and Read (RoR) program. We also emphasize daily reading and literacy at every well-child visit starting from birth.

Reading Tips for Families

  1. Start reading to your child as soon as possible after they are born.
  2. Read together every day.
  3. Place your child in your lap and enjoy snuggles while reading.
  4. Point to words and items in pictures and talk about colors, shapes, etc.
  5. Take a break if your child is unhappy or fussy.
  6. Let children choose books.
  7. Read the same book over (and over) to reinforce language.
  8. Keep books handy – keep some in the car, take them to the park, etc.
  9. Create a kid-friendly space for books so they can easily access them.
  10. Encourage children to participate in reading as they learn the words.
  11. Read for multiple short periods if your child isn’t ready to sit for longer.
  12. Use creative voices for characters.
  13. Explain a few new words while reading.
  14. Show them the cover and talk about the book you’re going to read.
  15. Let them turn the pages.
  16. Most of all, have fun!

About Rasheeda Monroe, MD

Dr. Rasheeda Monroe is a board certified pediatrician and associate director of WakeMed Physician Practices – Pediatric Primary Care. Dr. Monroe is also the campus director for the UNC program, which is based at WakeMed Raleigh Campus. Learn more about Dr. Monroe, and schedule an appointment today.