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5 Best Practices for Staying Healthy at Work

We spend over 2000 hours a year at work (or even more!), so making smart choices while on the job is pivotal to keeping healthy and well.

Try implementing a few of these easy tips to improve your health while at work:

#1 – Wash Your Hands.

Wash your hands often, especially if you share a work space with others. At least weekly, try to clean or sanitize your keyboard, mouse, phone, or anything else you touch frequently.

#2 – Plan Your Lunch Ahead of Time.

Make your own lunch/prepare healthy snacks instead of eating out.

#3 – Drink Plenty of Water.

Bring a water bottle to drink throughout the day; the goal is at LEAST 8 cups a day.

#4 – Move Around.

Get up from your desk and walk/stretch at least once an hour.

#5 – Find Time for Activity.

Use your breaks to get a little activity throughout the day – do some squats during your conference call, jog with a friend during lunch, or switch a meeting from a conference room to a walking meeting.