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National Doctor’s Day 2018

Physician Partners,

In honor of National Doctors’ Day, we’ve taken time this month to reflect on what makes our physician partners so outstanding. While the reasons are many, the one attribute we all came back to was simple, yet consistent: your unwavering commitment to our patients.

Day in and day out, you take the time to listen, diagnose, treat and counsel our patients and their families in their most vulnerable moments. You contribute countless hours serving on committees, attending meetings and training –all to help ensure our patients get the very best possible care. Your passion for putting our patients first in all you do makes a difference. And every day – YOU make a difference. To me, to our care team and most importantly, to our patients and the communities we serve.

As we celebrate and honor the talented physicians who partner with us, we asked our staff and leaders to share what they appreciate most about all of you. I invite you to watch a brief video slideshow that compiles some of their reflections.

In closing, on National Doctors’ Day and every day, we are beyond blessed to have you on our team. Your passion and commitment to our patients and their families is truly what sets us apart and makes WakeMed the community treasure it is. On behalf of our Board of Directors, our leadership team, and our patients and their families, I thank you for your time, talent and gifts. I pray you all find joy in the amazing service you provide to many.

Very Respectfully,