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3 Tips When Heading to the State Fair This Year

Heading to the North Carolina State Fair this week? The following are some quick tips to keep in mind before you go.

#1 – Stay home if you’re feeling ill.

Don’t take sick kids to the fair. Don’t go to the fair if you’re sick.

#2 – Keep your hands away from your face.

Remind children to keep their fingers out of their mouths, noses, and eyes.

#3 – Always wash your hands . . .

  • after riding rides and playing games. Can’t get to the bathroom? Take some alcohol hand rub along for kids to use after each ride and game.
  • before eating all that yummy fair food!
  • after being in live animal areas, even if you didn’t touch the animals. Fences, gates, and pens where animals are held may be contaminated with animal feces.
  • after touching stroller wheels and shoes that have been through the fairgrounds. All the dirt and animal waste that is on the ground has contaminated those wheels and shoes!

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About Jessica Dixon

Jessica Dixon is an Infection Prevention Specialist with WakeMed Health & Hospitals. She spends her working life trying to identify communicable diseases and keep visitors and staff well.