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Robotic Surgery for Gynecological Procedures

Robotic surgery is a form of minimally invasive abdominal surgery. It allows for complex procedures to be performed through dime size incisions in your abdomen.

Gynecological surgical procedures that can be performed robotically include Myomectomy (removal of fibroids while keeping the uterus) removal of adnexal masses (ovarian cysts for example) and hysterectomy.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

There are many benefits to having robotic surgery. A couple of these are outlined below.

#1 – Shorter Recovery Time

One of the biggest benefits of robotic surgery is the fact that you have a shorter recovery time with less discomfort. Most women can expect to spend one night in the hospital post-operatively and can be expected to return to work as soon as one week.

This compares to two to three nights in the hospital and six weeks out of work for a larger incision for a hysterectomy for example.

#2 – Less Blood Loss

Because the incisions are smaller, there is less risk for blood loss compared to larger incisions/surgeries.

#3 – Less Risk of Infection

With robotic surgery, smaller incisions and greater precision mean less chance of error or infection/complications.


Is Robotic Surgery Right for Me?

Candidates include women with any benign or malignant gynecologic condition for which open abdominal surgery would be indicated. Depending on the size of the mass that needs to be removed, robotic surgery may not be an option.

Morcellation, or the removal of the uterus in small pieces in a contained bag, is often needed. Robotic surgery is not an alternative to vaginal surgery. Women with severe heart and lung disease are often not good candidates for robotic surgery.

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