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Ron Doggett Honored at WakeMed Foundation Appreciation Gala

doggettRon Doggett was honored at the WakeMed Foundation Appreciation Gala for a lifetime of generosity.

Why Giving Back Matters to Ron Doggett

Ask Ron Doggett why giving back matters and you will receive a simple, yet modest answer: Service is part of his DNA, instilled in him and his four sisters by his parents, church and community as a young boy growing up in rural Minnesota.

From his modest beginnings to becoming Chairman, President and CEO of Slim Jim manufacturer GoodMark Foods, his commitment to making a difference and sharing his abundance has remained unwavering.

A Desire to Help Those In Need

For two decades, WakeMed has held a special place in Ron’s heart and life. Whether serving on the WakeMed and WakeMed Foundation boards; or working with community, business and physician leaders to raise money and awareness,

Ron’s motivation comes from his desire to help those in need.

Ron Doggett: A True Leader in the Community

Ron’s leadership with others of the Just for Kids Campaign, the largest fundraising effort in WakeMed’s history, helped raise nearly $20 million to build Wake County’s first and only Children’s Hospital and expand WakeMed Children’s Services.

With his characteristic goal-setting and humor, “Mr. Slim Jim” as he affectionately became known, never missed an opportunity to start meetings by passing out his company’s signature snack food. His name has become synonymous with accomplishment at WakeMed, and in tribute, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Raleigh Campus bears the names of Ron and his wife Jeanette.

We appreciate Ron’s longstanding commitment to WakeMed, and we are privileged to honor him for his generosity of time, talent and gifts.

About WakeMed Foundation

Formed in 1994, WakeMed Foundation is the philanthropic partner of WakeMed, supporting the health and well-being of our community. The Foundation is governed by an unpaid, volunteer Board of Directors consisting of 30 members. More than 100 volunteers actively participate in fundraising and cultivation activities to support the WakeMed Foundation. For more information about the WakeMed Foundation, send an email to: