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Is Your Child Ready to Babysit?

…and are you ready to let them?

Every parent who has a child who wants to earn extra money by babysitting has thought through the potential “what if” scenarios to determine if they are ready for the responsibility of caring for someone else’s child.

3 Questions About Babysitting That Parents May Ask

Questions parents may ask themselves may include:

  1. Is my child mature enough?
  2. Would my child know what to do if there is a tornado warning or other emergency situation?
  3. Does my child know how to care for young children and keep them safe?

Potentially Dangerous Situations in Babysitting

Parents of potential babysitters also run through other potential dangerous scenarios:

  • Are the parents of the child(ren) my child is babysitting for trustworthy or might they potentially harm my child?
  • What if my child is babysitting and someone tries to break into the house?

Sign Up for a Safe Sitter Class Today

Feel more confident letting your child babysit by encouraging them to take a Safe Sitter class before accepting a job. Our classes can help your child learn what to look for in a potential job (like only babysitting for people you know or have a reputable reference) and what to do in the event of a potentially dangerous situation.

Babysitting is a wonderful way for teenagers to care for kids and earn a little extra money at the same time.  Help your child stay safe and be a more confident and competent babysitter.  Learn more about our Safe Sitter classes and sign up for one today.

About Tricia Jarrell

Tricia Jarrell is an education specialist who teaches many of the Safe Sitter classes at WakeMed.  Safe Sitter is a national program founded by a physician who was inspired to act when an employee’s child died when in the care of a babysitter who did not know how to respond when the child was choking. Learn more about Safe Sitter.