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Safe Sitter Classes = Safer Child Care

Teens, do you love spending time with children?  Are you interested in earning spending money by babysitting?

Safe Sitter Classes Teach Necessary Child Care Skills

Taking care of children is a big responsibility.  When you accept a babysitting job, it’s not just a play date you are taking responsibility for a child’s life.

We can help you learn the skills you need to take care of children, have fun and earn a little extra money. In our Safe Sitter classes, we teach 11 to 14 year-old’s babysitting basics, with a strong focus on responding to emergency situations.

Skills Learned in Safe Sitter Classes

In our classes, we teach:

  • The importance of constant supervision
  • CPR
  • Choking prevention and response for infants and children
  • Safe feeding practices
  • Emergency management – When can you handle the emergency situation and when do you need to call for help?

We’ve just added multiple Safe Sitter class dates, and these classes are now being offered in a new, convenient location. Learn more and sign up for our Safe Sitter classes today!

What Safe Sitter Students Are Saying:

“I loved the Safe Sitter course and found it serious but fun.”

“I am looking forward to babysitting now that I know how to handle situations that I come across.”

“I had a great time learning and going to the safe Sitter course. I now feel safer babysitting. I think this course really well prepares girls to begin their babysitting business.”

About Tricia Jarrell

Tricia Jarrell is an education specialist who teaches many of the Safe Sitter classes at WakeMed.  Safe Sitter is a national program founded by a physician who was inspired to act when an employee’s child died when in the care of a babysitter who did not know how to respond when the child was choking. Learn more about Safe Sitter.