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22 Ways to Be More Active

Burn calories and elevate your heart rate in a number of creative ways. Here are some ideas to help get you moving out of your chair and towards a healthier heart!

Be More Active. Here are 22 Ways How

#1 – Mow the lawn.

Depending on how much you have to mow as well as if you have a push mower versus a rider mower, you can burn up to 400 calories in one hour!

#2 – Do some spring cleaning.

Get rid of things that you don’t use or don’t need. Set it aside, and donate it to charity.

#3 – Take the dog for a walk.

The more you walk the dog, the more exercise the both of you get!

#4 – Head to a local museum.

Check out a new exhibit. Learn something new while burning some calories.

#5 – Join a local sports club.

New to the area? Interested in meeting new people? Join an adult sports league. It’s a great way to stay in shape and make new friends.


#6 – Volunteer.

Volunteer to give back to a local charity, whether it’s bagging food at the food bank or gleaning crops at a local farm.

#7 – Stand up at work.

Consider investing in a standing desk. Failing that, set a timer and make sure you get up and move around at least once each hour for a few minutes.

#8 – Trade drinking for dancing.

Plan a night out with friends. Instead of heading out for drinks at happy hour, head for the dance floor.

#9 – Sneak in some sit-ups during commercial breaks.

Watching TV? Instead of checking your cell phone during the commercial breaks, use that time to drop down and knock out a few push ups, sit-ups or squats.

#10 – Organize a potluck.

What’s more fun than dining with friends? Organize a healthy potluck dinner where everyone picks something healthy to bring.

#11 – Park further away.

You probably won’t have to wait as long to find a parking space, and it comes with the added benefit of getting some extra steps in!

#12 – Take the stairs.

Wherever you have an opportunity to take the stairs, do it. It’s much better for your cardiovascular health versus taking the elevator or escalator.

#13 – Change out the artwork in your office/home.

Not only will the interior of your home/office get a little face lift, you’ll also get a little workout when you have to hang those frames.

#14 – Sign up for a 5k or fun run.

Grab a friend or loved one, and sign up for a local race. Run or walk for a charity cause or to raise awareness/funds for something.

#15 – Start a garden.

Even if it’s an indoor garden, gardening is a great way to get in touch with nature while doing something good for your health.

#16 – Cook the “old fashioned way”.

Take time to chop veggies by hand. Instead of using a mixer for that cake, stir by hand, etc.

#17 – Use a stability ball instead of a chair.

Sit on a stability ball (balance ball) while at work instead of using a chair. The balance ball engages your abs and will force you to work harder to balance yourself.

#18 – Go to the park and play!

Have kids? Schedule some play time at the park, and join in the fun as you swing from the swings, show them how to use the monkey bars, etc.

two successful backpacker enjoy the beautiful landscape at mountain peak

#19 – Go exploring.

Find local hiking trails, and go explore them. Bring a friend and a camera to make some memories.

#20 – Play a childhood game with friends.

From duck-duck-goose to flag football, to hide-and-seek and tag – you’ll find that a lot of childhood games are fun and very active!

#21 – Go shopping!

Walk the mall. Whether you’re window shopping or actually buying something, all of those steps count!

#22 – Keep a set of workout clothes in your car at all times.

It will help you cut down on the excuses not to work out no matter where you are.

Improve Your Heart Health

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