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8 Creative Ideas For Indoor Fun – No Special Equipment or Skills Required!

When the 16 layers of clothes have been shed from playing in the snow and the hot chocolate is all gone, what do you do to keep kids entertained inside?

Here are eight creative suggestions to have fun inside with the little ones using things you have around the house – no crafty skills required.

8 Creative Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Inside

#1 – Play explorer.

Make a fort or set up a small tent indoors. Outfit your tent with a flashlight, compass, map and other things a little explorer may need and then let the fun begin.

#2 – Go swimming in the tub.

Add fun toys that can get wet that your child does not usually play with in the tub like Barbie dolls, ponies, superheroes, matchbox cars, little plastic animals or items from the kitchen like a few pans, plastic bowls, cups, spoons and bubble bath.

#3 – Make your own Easter egg hunt.

Who says you can only hunt for eggs on Easter and who says the only thing you can hunt for are eggs?   Get a basket and a few similar items and hide them in the house. over and over again.

#4 – Play games.

This is a great time to pull out those old, dusty board and card games. Even toddlers can get in on the action with games like Go Fish, Candyland and even Uno. Don’t forget you can also play lots of games with nothing at all like – I Spy With My Little Eye, Hot & Cold, Mother May I and More.

#5 – Play dress up.

Let the kids raid your closet and play pretend. You probably never knew that you have doctor outfits, waitress outfits and much, much more just hanging in your closet.

#6 – Have a spa day.

Cut some cucumbers to place on your eyes, fill the tub with a little warm water for a foot soak, gather some lotion and fingernail polish and treat yourself and your child to a mini spa.

#7 – Play vet.

Get a few stuffed animals, a pretend doctor kit and some blankets to build your vet office. to add a little more fun to the game, add a few little bowls of water and cereal for the animals to eat.

#8 – Write a book.

Help your child write a story. Then, write one sentence each on blank sheets of paper and have your child illustrate the story. Staple it together and your child is a published author.

mother playing with daughter in indoor fortOther Fun Ideas to Try

Other fun ideas include:

  • Cooking
  • Making paper snowflakes
  • Make Valentine’s for their school friends.
  • Play with playdough or kinetic sand
  • Read books with a snow theme

Do you have additional ideas for creative indoor fun during a big snowstorm? Please share!