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School Bus Safety Tips

Whether your children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it is important to take proper safety precautions. Not only is it the students responsibility but all motorists on the road.  The following are some helpful safety tips to help your child have a safer bus ride to school.

5 Tips for a Safer School Bus Ride

The following are some helpful tips to share and practice with your children.

#1 – Give yourself plenty of time.

Avoid rushing to the bus stop in the morning by allowing your child plenty of time in the morning to bathe, get dressed, eat a proper breakfast and gather his/her items.

#2 – Be aware of moving traffic.

Teach your child to pay close attention to other motorists – especially if their bus stop is located in a busy area.

#3 – Don’t wear anything in or around your ears.

This includes headphones, ear muffs and hoods. Doing so is distracting and may make it hard to hear what is happening around you.

#4 – Never sit or stand on the curb.

Always remain standing, and keep a safe distance from the curb. This makes you more visible to other drivers. When your bus arrives, take several steps away from the curb to ensure that the bus driver can see you.

#5 – Wait to cross the street.

Wait for the bus driver to signal to you that it is ok to cross the street. Before crossing, always look both ways first to make sure that there are no cars coming.


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