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Children sitting in row and reading books at the park

5 Tips to Boost Summer Reading

Summertime can be full of distractions – from running to the pool, to vacations, hanging out with friends, and attending summer camps. However, while it’s important to have fun, it is just as important to set aside a chunk of time each day to engage your child in reading.

The following are some great tips and tricks to help encourage reading.

5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Reading This Summer

#1 – Make it an adventure!

Turn reading time into a scavenger hunt. Post clues around your backyard, or while you’re out at the park. Too hot to head outside? Hide written clues around the house. Encourage your child to read each clue out loud. This is great practice for reading as well as comprehension and vocabulary. Invite some friends, and form teams to make it more fun!

#2 – Join a book club at your local library.

Most local libraries have summer reading clubs that are age appropriate. Wake County Public Libraries offer summer reading for children and adults of all ages. Check out their Summer Reading 2016 page to learn more.

#3 – Let your child choose their books.

Plan a field trip to the library, and allow your child to choose the books that most interest him/her. Librarians can be a wealth of information in helping you select age appropriate books, and they can also help steer your child in the right direction. Need help finding books? Wake County Public Libraries offer great summer reading lists.

#4 – Read to your child.

Establish a chunk of time each day to read to your child. Many parents choose to read with their children at bed time, as the day is winding down. However, you can set aside time and fit reading into almost any part of your day. Practice ‘story recall’ with your children as you read. This allows them to practice remembering the details of the story.

#5 – Lead by example.

Children are impressionable. Show them that reading is important to you by allowing them to see you enjoying a good book!

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