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Spotlight On: Allvecia Soap Company

Valli Williams, owner of Allvecia Soap CompanyValli Williams is the owner of Allvecia Soap Company. They are one of the featured vendors at the WakeMed Farmers Market this season. Take a look below as Valli shares a little more about her business.

History of Allvecia Soap Company

I’ve owned Allvecia Soap Company since 2010. The idea to start my business came from a desire to make natural products for myself. I researched it and decided that I would try making soap. The business just grew from there.

Day-to-Day Business

I typically work six days a week. Tuesdays through Thursdays are usually spent making my products and labeling items. Fridays through Mondays, I spend several hours updating all of my social media as well as my website. I also visit shops throughout the area, requesting shelf space. Outside of this, I have other office duties, such as accounting, coming up with new ideas, promotional items, and meetings with various social media groups.

I split my time between farmers’ markets. The last five seasons, from April to November, I spent my Saturdays at the Midtown Farmers Market. Then, for the last three seasons, from April to August, I spent every other Tuesday at the WakeMed Farmers Market. All told, I do at least four festival events a year.

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Overcoming Challenges & Making an Impact

Perhaps the most challenging thing that I face is maintaining and growing my business. I really make sure I’m listening to the customer. Sometimes, it takes me out of my comfort zone. Creating new ideas and products are a good thing, but listening to the customer is the ultimate goal.

I hope to continue making natural bath products because they work. I’d like to see more of my products on store shelves and eventually grow the company into a profitable business.

The Added Value of Shopping at the Farmers Market

Farmers’ markets are where you can purchase natural food, honey, herbs, and bath/body products. It brings families together, tourists, old and new customers for a nice day out. There’s nothing like fresh air, and the WakeMed Farmers Market vendors are proud and engaging. There’s nothing like creating and knowing customers are enjoying the experience.

The WakeMed Farmers Market is where I introduced my products to customers who wanted natural products or who were trying them for the first time. We have people from the community, rehab center, visitors, patients, and employees who all support the Farmers Market. It’s grown every year, and I’ve witnessed people expressing their enjoyment in it.

We find that the WakeMed Farmers Market has embraced the medical community, families, and others. It’s well run, and provides a good outlet for reaching out to the community. As a vendor, it doesn’t get better than that!

About Allvecia Soap Company

For additional information about Allvecia Soap Company, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook. You can also send an email to

Phone: (919) 885-2797