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Back to School With Waverly Place Farmers Market and WakeMed

Now that traditional calendar schools are back in full swing, make plans to join us tomorrow, Saturday, August 29th from 9 am to noon at Waverly Place Farmers Market to ensure you and your family have the healthiest school year possible.  (Waverly Place Farmers Market is at the corner of Tryon Rd. and Kildaire Farm Rd., diagonal from WakeMed Cary Hospital.)

At the event, you can talk with WakeMed Pediatric Endocrinologist Bill Lagarde about healthy lunches and not drinking your calories.  Dr. Largarde is one of five pediatric specialists who now have offices in Cary, including Pediatric Gastroenterologist Sachin Kunde and Pediatric Surgeons Duncan Phillips, David Hoover and George Wadie.

Our rehab specialists will also be onsite to share backpack use and injury prevention tips.  In fact, they provided us with this helpful information in case you are not able to attend the event.
Choosing a Backpack

  • The most important step to backpack safety is choosing the right size backpack.
  • Padded straps are important. Padded shoulders straps will help distribute the weight across a larger area of the chest and shoulders and will make wearing the pack significantly more comfortable
  • Some backpacks have sternum and hip straps that help to further redistribute weight and bring the pack closer to the body.

Wearing Your Backpack

  • Always use both shoulder straps and tighten the straps snug against the back.
  • If your backpack has a waist strap — use it.
  • Never wear a backpack with the straps too loose and hanging or swinging on your back.
  • Distributing the weight inside the pack is very important. The heavier items should be kept close to the body where they will be more stable.
  • Never wear a backpack on one shoulder, this can cause muscle imbalances and develop serious back, neck, and posture problems
  • Never overload your backpack with greater than 15% of your body weight.  If the backpack causes the child to lean forward or backwards it is too heavy.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Waverly Place Farmers Market!