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Epic Go Live – Breakin’ It Down

All WakeMed facilities and services are now officially live on Epic, a comprehensive electronic medical record system. This is a big change for us, so we appreciate the patience of our patients and family members during the transition.

We’re also excited to offer increased access to your health information via the WakeMed MyChart patient portal.  Using MyChart, many WakeMed patients can review test results, visit summaries and request appointments and prescription refills.  Our response time is only ½ a day, so skip the phone tree and message us via MyChart.  Learn more about what our implementation of Epic meant to you.

Of course implementation was not all hard work.  Our doctors and administrators found some time to have a little fun too.  WakeMed employees and patients, do you recognize anybody in this video?

1-29-15 Epicalators from WakeMed Health & Hospitals on Vimeo.