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WakeMed Offers New Parenting Class for Grandparents

If you are a soon-to-be grandparent, it has probably been a while since you’ve taken care of an infant. And as your grandchild gets older, you might be curious about your role in his or her life. Of course you want to be active and involved, but what boundaries might need to be observed?  How do you ensure you are enhancing your grandchild’s upbringing without stepping on any toes?

In an effort to help you navigate these unknown “grandparent waters,” WakeMed’s Birth & Parent Education team introduces a new class called “Grandbabies.”  It is designed specifically for grandparents and can even be beneficial for aunts and uncles. Taught by instructors who are certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) and who are grandparents themselves, this class helps grandparents learn how to help, not hinder, when it comes to raising a family’s newest members.

Using a fun and interactive format, “Grandbabies” is centered around feedback and questions from the participants themselves. Topics that will be addressed include childcare basics, safety and first-aid, how to best communicate with a grandchild’s parents and tips to avoiding conflict. For example, learn how to change a diaper all over again, gain insight on the proper way to discipline without interfering, and get advice on how to avoid overindulging a child when it comes to food and other treats.  Additionally, participants will learn how to perform CPR on an infant and how to rescue an infant who is choking.

Costing only $15 per participant, this class is open to any member of the community, not just the grandparents of children born at WakeMed.  For times and dates, visit our webpage and register online.

Sneak a Peek of WakeMed North Hospital
Next year, WakeMed’s Birth & Parent Education classes will also be offered at our brand new North Hospital, the first and only women’s hospital in this area which is scheduled to open in May 2015 in north Raleigh. To learn more about our new hospital, attend our Sneak Peek event on Tuesday, Sept. 9. Take  tour, learn about the wide range of women’s services that the hospital will offer and meet our physicians. You and your children can even help add a personal artistic touch to our hospital murals!