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What’s Trending? Group Vasectomies

It’s true that groups of male friends are choosing to undergo this minor procedure on the same day to make their recoveries more enjoyable. Many group vasectomies are planned around big sporting events, like March Madness, the U.S. Open or the World Series.  The reasoning behind these plans is brilliant – a whole day to enjoy watching sports together without being bothered to help with the kids, the housework or the errands.  This is a no-guilt excuse to do exactly what you secretly want to do anyway.

Tim Branter, Dr. Brendan Kiel, Dr. Sam Chawla, Jeremy Sessoms and Dr. Joseph Zola

Dr. Joesph Zola, Dr. Brendan Kiel, Jeremy Sessoms and Tim Branter are friends who decided independently that vasectomies were right for them and their individual families (there are nine children total among them).  The group and their families frequently hang out together.  The men decided to make having a vasectomy an event all its own. On a Friday in May, they each had the procedure with Dr. Sam Chawla of WakeMed Physician Practices – Urology and then went home to recover while enjoying an evening of card playing and socializing.

Said Dr. Zola, who also happens to be a urologist in Oxford, N.C., “It made the process of having a vasectomy, something we were all going to do anyway, much more fun.”