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Tar Heel of the Week: Sue Evans spreads the word on the benefits of breast milk

Susan Evans

This past weekend the News & Observer profiled Sue Evans as Tar Heel of the Week.  Sue is a long-time employee and a lactation specialist who also runs the WakeMed Mother’s Milk Bank. 

Many people are suprised to learn that WakeMed features one of only 13 accreditated mother’s milk banks in the United States.  In fact, we have had a milk bank since 1992 and ship more than 150,000 oz. of milk each year. 

Although our bank ships milk up and down the east coast, having an in-house bank is a special perk for premature babies at WakeMed.  These babies have ready access to a safe supply of breast milk even when their own mothers are not able to produce enough.  Breast milk is the best, most gentle source of nutrients for premature babies and their sensitive gastrointestinal systems.

The WakeMed Mother’s Milk Bank is always searching for new donors, especially donors who are dairy free or have a premature baby themselves.  Most of our donors are from our local area.  Learn more about donating.