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The WakeWay is Alive and Well

Every WakeMed employee knows what the WakeWay means.  It means showing somebody where to go instead of telling them.  It means listening and responding with empathy.  It means treating everybody – patients, visitors and fellow employees – with kindness.

Most of the ways the WakeWay is demonstrated every day go unnoticed.  Yesterday, we had two public recognitions of employees who embraced the WakeWay.  These two stories reinforce that the WakeWay of Today is alive and well at WakeMed! 

A 50-year WakeMed employee really does care
The News & Observer
At this point, tens of thousands of people who have passed through some division of WakeMed could identify it, and the memory would likely make them smile.

 Dr. Michael Ferguson via Facebook
Tonight reminded me why I love working at WakeMed. Forget health care politics and hospital allegiances, tonight was my reminder that it’s not bricks and mortar…