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Chef Feels the “Burn” from BBQ Competition

The Bluegrass Festival and BBQ competition in downtown Raleigh was by all accounts a tremendous success this past weekend.  We have at least one staff member who is still feeling the “burn” from his volunteer position chopping BBQ in support of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle

We interviewed Antonio Alano, a Raleigh Campus chef with WakeMed Food & Nutrition Services, about his experience at the festival and this is what he had to say:

Do you frequently volunteer for the Interfaith Food Shuttle?
WakeMed has been a long-time supporter of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle and makes daily donations of food from our kitchens.  This, however, was my first time volunteering, but I plan on volunteering again. I am a former chef instructor from The Chef’s Academy in Morrisville and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s Executive Chef Terri asked me to come teach a class or two for their culinary job training students.

Do you know by chance how much money was raised from the event?
Final sales indicated that we made around $21,800!  Proceeds from sales will go to support Inter-Faith Food Shuttle programs and services

Any idea how many pounds of BBQ was served from the competition?
When early morning set-up volunteers got there at 10:00, we knew it was going to be a busy day!  Folks were already asking when we were going to start selling, and I am told that we had two solid lines (stretching for a city block in each direction) of hungry folks wanting to purchase some of that championship BBQ all the way up until we sold our last sandwich at 7:30 pm.

Are your arms sore from all that chopping?
Absolutely and I have two blisters on my right hand.  It was worth it though.

Watch Antonio in action in this WTVD story. (Hint: He’s the one in the turquoise blue WakeMed shirt chopping BBQ)