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Diagnosing Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease, although relatively common, can take a while to diagnose because the problem often starts as mild indigestion or stomach pain and eventually progresses into stabbing pain and debilitating discomfort.  Additionally, symptoms may come and go and often only occur after eating a heavy or fatty meal.

According to Dr. Ndidi Azikiwe with Wake Specialty Physicians – General Surgery, the first female physician in the area to perform a single-site gallbladder removal (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) using the da Vinci robotic surgical system,  “getting rid of the pain usually requires removal of the gallbladder through surgery.”

She continued, “The gallbladder is typically removed through 3 to 5 incisions in the abdomen.  Now, there are more surgical options than ever, including a new single-site, robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery.  The new single-site surgery requires only one, one-inch incision in the belly button, offering virtually scarless results, minimal pain, low blood loss, fast recovery, a short hospital stay and high patient satisfaction.”

Gallbladder disease is literally a pain, but advanced surgical options can help you get back to norm faster than ever.