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Summer Fun (and Danger): An Injury Prevention Resource Guide

Nobody wants to think about summer as being dangerous.  In fact, most of us believe danger doesn’t apply to us.  However, the volume of injuries treated in WakeMed’s six emergency departments go up every year in the summer.  So, while injury prevention may not be fun to think about, it is important because it can unfortunately affect you and your family.

This past weekend, the News & Observer ran a story that included a few safety tips to make what healthcare providers refer to as “Trauma Season” safe for you and your family.  To add to that great awareness article, we have compiled a few blogs written by WakeMed experts or from information from WakeMed experts.  Here’s to a safe, happy, fun summer.

Natural Hazards

Insects – Don’t Let Insects Control Your Summer

Poison Ivy – The Truth About Poison Ivy

Snakes – Snakebites Common in N.C.

Injury Prevention

Heat – Baby It’s Hot Outside

Hot Cars – Deaths in Hot Cars Above Avg in 2013

Fireworks & Sparklers – Fireworks Injuries Can Happen to You, Sparklers Burn at 1,200 Degrees

Trampolines & Bounce House – Rules for Bouncing Fun

Water – Water Safety, What Drowning Really Looks Like, Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make

Wheels – Bike Helmets Could Prevent 45,000 Pediatric Injuries/Year